SIRS2: Help


Click Register to create an account. Your credentials will be sent to you via email. However, do not register an account unless you plan to enrol in an open project (see below). If you are participating in an invitation-only project, the site administrator will create an account for you.


You will receive email notifications when you are registered as a reader for a SIRS2 project and when new cases are assigned to you. Additionally, you will receive reminders when cases assigned to you remain unread for more than a specified period of time, typically 2-4 weeks.

Home Page

When you first visit SIRS2, you will see the home page below. Please click the link indicated to get more information about cookie usage in the site.

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Login Page

Click Log in in the site menu to access the login page, shown below. To log in, enter the credentials you received via email and click the "Log in" button.

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After logging in, you will see an expanded version of the home page, shown below. Note the additional entries in the site menu on the left.

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Job Lists

Under the Job Lists heading is a list of all the projects for which you are registered as a reader. Click on the name of a project to open your job list for that project (shown below). The job list is comprised of a series of jobs, one for each case assigned to you. Click the View link for each job to access the case for review. Links highlighted in red denote priority cases that you should complete as soon as possible. When you click on a link, the job viewer (see below) will open in a new window and load the related imaging data and rating form.

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User Information

Click View account to view and edit your account information. Click View profile to view and edit your user profile.


Some projects hosted by SIRS2 may be available for open enrolment. Click Enrol in a project to select one of those projects. If you have not already completed a user profile, you will be prompted to do so before selecting a project for enrolment.

Job Viewer

The job viewer interface (shown below) is divided into two sections. The top section displays imaging data, while the bottom section displays the rating form you must complete for the case. The viewer layout has been sized to fit a 1280x1024 display, but the window can be enlarged if desired. The relative size of the imaging and form sections can be changed by dragging the horizontal divider between them.

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Image Series

The top section displays 2 image series side by side. Above each series is a drop down menu of all the image series available for that case (show below). You can display any two series side by side. The series labels are not necessarily illustrative because they are derived from the information contained in the DICOM files submitted to us and scanners vary in their labelling of images. There is a correctly scaled ruler next to images so that you can make a rough estimate of lesion size.

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You can navigate through the images in each series using the Next and Back buttons below the image display. For very large image series there is a Skip setting below each series so that you can jump through the images in increments of 0-50.

Under Enlarge, click the 1.5X or 2X buttons to view the series at a larger display size. To revert to the default size, click the 1X button.

If you wish to see a lightbox view rather than a stacked view of each image series, click the Lightbox button beside each series. You can only see the lightbox for one series at a time. From the lightbox view, double click on any image to return to stack view and navigate to that slice.

The Link button (in between series at bottom edge) links two scans by automatically showing the slice in the right-hand series that is closest to the current slice in the left-hand series. Note that not all series can be linked in this way.

The Loop controls beneath each series provide a very simple, 2-speed cine-loop display of the series.

You can alter the brightness and contrast (window width/level) of scan images by dragging the mouse. As you drag, you will see the width and level values change. When you release the mouse button after dragging, the display will update. Because of the imprecise nature of the mouse-drag method, you may find it easier to directly enter width and level values in the text boxes provided and clicking Apply. Click Reset to revert the series to its original settings. Click Multiple to apply/reset window settings for multiple slices. You may also click the Presets button to pop up a dialog that provides several width/level presets you can apply to the current series.

Rating Forms

If you wish to preview a rating form before reading cases, click the appropriate link under Form Previews in the navigation menu. This will launch the rating form in a new window. You may navigate through the form without saving any data.

Navigate through the rating forms using the Next and Back buttons at the top and bottom of each page. You will not be able to go forward until you have fully completed the current question. If errors are found, you will see an error message and the incomplete form elements will be highlighted, as shown below:

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